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Introduction: ITouch Halloween Costume

This fun costume is from Halloween 2012.

We saw an older, larger version of an iPhone costume that a father made for himself to wear while trick-or-treating with his daughter.

I wanted my daughter to be able to wear this iTouch costume herself.

Before I describe the build I must say, looking back, I could have made the housing out of lightweight foam.

Our completed design required a special harness attached with straps like a backpack worn in the front.

I suppose I chose MDF in this design for several reasons: I had extra MDF, I really wanted to use my router, and I usually tend to overbuild things.

Two polycarbonate sheets (Lexan) were used for the face. Two color copies of screen shots of my daughters actual device were placed on top of each other and back-lit with battery-powered LED lights for the proper opacity and brightness. The lower (undersized) polycarbonate sheet was recessed flush with top edge of housing and secured with screws.

The back of the outer sheet was masked and spray painted black. The front button is a color copy.

Step 1: Solid MDF Construction = )

Cut, glued, rasped, filed, and sanded.

Step 2: Primed and Painted

Step 3: Battery Powered LED Light Strings Were Attached

A Piece of lightweight foam core board was inserted on bottom of housing.

The LED lights were positioned and taped under each individual app icon.

Step 4: Double Sided Tape Was Used to Secure Face to Base

Wires were connected to each light string to facilitate on/off switches mounted on bottom.

This was necessary since battery boxes would not be accessible after installing face of iTouch.

Step 5:

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    6 years ago

    nice idea


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is an excellent costume idea!

    And the best part is that after Halloween you can just hang this on the wall as a pretty cool piece of decor. I can't say the same about almost all of the costumes I've made my kids over the years... which are currently taking up precious storage space!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Great build. I bet she was the envy of her friends with this costume.

    Excellent idea for hanging it on the wall as art later on. Can you imagine this young ladies future grandchildren thinking that this was the actual size of a 21th century iTouch? lol. After of course someone explained what an iTouch was.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It's fascinating how one day, this technology will be considered primitive!