Ice Box

Introduction: Ice Box

Hey guys

So this is a box made out of ice. Pretty unique, right? all you need is:

2 bowls/boxes of size almost equal with a minimal difference, this acts as the width of the walls of your box


thats it!

Step 1: Get Materials

Take the two bowls/boxes

Step 2: Fill It With Water

Fill them with water, the smaller one should be filled till the point it floats at a minimal distance from the base of the larger box when put inside it, as shown in the second picture

Step 3: Chill It

Put the bowls/boxes inside a refrigerator with the smaller one inside the larger one as shown int the picture

Step 4: Check

Check if the ice is strong or not after about 3 or 5 hours of freezing

Step 5: You Are Ready

The box is now ready, take out the smaller vessel, we dont need it and use the water inside the smaller one for something, like watering the plants, etc, do not throw it

Take out the ice from the larger box, you will see it has a large cavity in it, and you can use it as a box

If you want, you can also make a lid using ice for the box

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