Ice Cream Sundae Brownie Bowls

Introduction: Ice Cream Sundae Brownie Bowls

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Eat the bowl after you finish the ice cream!

Step 1: Mix

What you'll need:

- Brownie mix

- Your favorite ice cream

- Toppings (if desired)

Spray muffin tin with cookie spray or rub on some butter. Make the brownie mix according to the package and fill each cup until 3/4 full.

Step 2: Bake

Spray the bottom of another muffin tin, and pull out the brownies when they are half way done. Lay the second muffin tin on top and lightly press. Continue baking the brownies.

Step 3: Done!

Allow the brownies to cool before removing them (they might crumble if still warm). Once the brownies are cooled, heat in the microwave for several seconds then add a dollop of your favorite ice cream and toppings!

You can also use cupcake liners for different events, birthdays, and holidays.

Enjoy :)

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    Making these for our church Ice Cream Social tonight! Come join in the fun at Trinity Presbyterian at 6:00.


    7 years ago

    omg this looks so yummy I am making this tomorrow!!