Introduction: Ice Cream Candle


What you'll need:

Basic candle making skills
soy or para soy blend wax (about 1lb will do)
paraffin wax (optional)
candle scent
candle dye
candle wick and tabs
ice cream bowl or sundae glass (heat resistant or at least very thick if you're gonna be lighting candle often)
pots for melting wax
spoon for stirring
whisk or fork

Step 1:

Candle making is easy and you just need to know the basics to make this candle. I don't not have pics of the process unfortunately. The first thing you should do is prepare your workspace, lay down newspapers and make sure anything you'd mind getting wax on is close by because this could get pretty messy.
Gather all your supplies, keep everything handy and neat ( if u function best in chaos then power to you)

Step 2:

Using the double boiler method melt your wax.
While the wax is melting prep your glass by setting wick, use your preferred method, I like using a bit of melted wax.

Add colour to melted wax and take off heat. Allow wax to cool a little then add scent or as I like to call it flavour (mine was coconut and cherry)

Place wax in freezer for about 5 mins just till it forms the film on top. Beat wax with whisk or fork as you would cake batter or cream. When it has thickened to your liking pour it in to ice cream glass.
For the topping do the same steps as above (this time try using paraffin wax as it gives the best effect) beat the wax till as it's thick as you can manage and pile it high on top your ice cream. Decorate any way you like but make it quick as it should be done before wax hardens. For my cherries I let my red coloured wax cool to a point where i could insert a toothpick an have it come out relatively clean. Then I used some metal measuring spoons to scoop out balls and I made holes in them (to pass wick through) before it completely hardened.
Instead of piling on the topping like whipped cream, you can also create a scoop of ice cream before hand with a hole for wick and let harden. If you decide to add sprinkles after wax has already hardened use a lighter 2 melt wax slightly, then sprinkle.

That's it simple and easy. Create your own design, have fun and remember you can always remelt wax and start again if you don't love your finished product.

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