Introduction: Icicles and Crystals

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In my last instructable "Icicle Mason Jars" I showed how to take a  simple clear mason jar and give it a soft reflective opaque finish.  I decided I wanted to give them some color and some flash to make them pop and have a little fun for summer.  So here is another step by step instructable on how I made them.

Step 1: Purple Tinted Icicle and Crystal Mason Jar

Materials you will need

Mod Podge Matte

Clear glitter

Mason Jar of choice

Crystals for decoration...your choice of color.  I used Swavorski, only because I had them on hand.  Any beads will do.

4 equal pieces of a medium gauge wire.  (You need to be able to bend and manipulate the wire, as well as thread beads with it.)

sponge (to apply the mod podge with)

Step 2: Materials


Step 1:
 Decide upon a color for your jar.  
Step 2:  Use acrylic paint to tint your mod podge with.  I used a paper plate to put the mod podge onto and mixed in the acrylic color directly into it with a plastic spoon.  A little color goes a long way, so add it slowly.  
Step 3:  Once you have the color you desire use a wet sponge to dab it onto the outside of the mason jar.  Work in sections, adding color and then dusting with glitter while it is still wet.  I just hold the mason jar over a waste basket and dust jar with glitter. The extra glitter just goes into the trash.  I don't get a whole lot of waste...but if you'd like you could shake it over another plate and reuse the glitter that falls off.
Step 4:  Once the whole jar has one layer let it completely dry.
Step 5:  While the first layer dries take 3 pieces of your wire and load the bottom third of each wire with your choice of beads or crystals.  (Just curl the ends of the wire so the beads won't fall off as you load them).  I added about 3 to 4 inches of beads.  This also depends on the size of the jar...smaller jars=less beads, larger jars=more beads.  Once you have the wires threaded with beads curl the tops over as well to keep beads on wire.
Step 6:  Once first layer is dry on the mason jar add a second layer of plain mod podge, this keeps the glitter in place and lets the color shine through when dry.  Allow to dry to touch.
Step 7:  Take the remaining empty wire and wrap it loosely around the neck of the jar, curl ends and loosely secure to the rim of the mason jar. 
Step 8:  taking the three beaded wires, open end carefully leaving bend in wire and loop it through the wire around the neck.  Slide them into  a triangular position around the neck of the mason jar.  Once you have them positioned where you'd like them, tighten the wire around the neck by twisting with pliers, and then turn the sharp end toward the jar to finish.
Step 9:  Tighten each beaded wire to the neck wire that is already tightened, using the same twisting motion.  Use pliers to pinch wire close to itself and leave a nicely finished edge.
Step 10:  Fasten and Make a loop hanger...Bring all the wires with beads together above the mason jar.  Twisting about a 4" length from top...turn it down and form a circle "loop" to use as a hanger, twisting the extra around under the circle and pinch it tight. 
Step 11:  Fill with sand or salt, add candle...Hang, light and enjoy!

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