Introduction: I'm a Nutcracker

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merry almost Christmas!

Step 1: Nice Skin

First I applied foundation all over my face, then I took a brown eyeliner and did a wing on my top lid.

Step 2: Shadow

Then I took light brown eyeshadow and put that on my lid, then I took a darker brown and placed it on my corner on my eye blending it into the crease.

Step 3: Lashes

Add mascara!

Step 4: Contour

Then I heavily contoured my nose and cheeks, I rounded my cheeks out.

Step 5: Blush

I added a very punk blush to my cheeks and nose.

Step 6: Brows

I used black body paint to fill in my brows.

Step 7: Lips

using red body paint I filled in my top lip.

Step 8: Next

Using black body paint I outlined the mouth, and filled in the bottom lip (on my chin) with that same red body paint.

Step 9: Mouth Details

Using black body paint I filled in the mouth, then I used a nyx jumbo eyeliner to fill in the teeth, then black body paint to add the teeth lines.

Step 10: YUS

I used a black body paint to make a mustache!

Step 11: Outline

I outlined the shirt using a white eyeliner.

Step 12: Fill In

Fill in the shirt with blue, and fill in the shoulders with gold.

Step 13: Chains

Using gold I made little dots to make chains coming off the shoulder

Step 14: Outlined

I outlined the shirt in black.

Step 15: Buttons

Made good buttons

Step 16: String

using liquid white eyeliner I made strings.

Step 17: Shadows

Using black matte eyeshadow I added shadows.