Introduction: Imitative Arm (Useful for Robotic Arm Works)

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You were alone a long time. I see. :) I couldn't write any instructable. But Today we will learn something useful for robotic arm works. You will learn how can ı control stepper with rotary encoder.

Let's Start..

Step 1: What Will We Use?

  1. Rotary Encoder
  2. Stepper Motor With Control Board
  3. Arduino
  4. Cables
  5. Breadboard

Step 2: Connections;

For stepper; you can supply with arduino or another source.

Step 3: Two Sticks;

  • Make two sticks
  • Paste stepper to rotary encoder
  • Paste the sticks on the end
  • And align the sticks when device off

Step 4: Arduino Code;

Code Download Link

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Step 5: YouTube Video;

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