Introduction: Improv: Dice a Banana in Its Peel

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how you dice a banana without a cutting-board (etc), and, more importantly, without making a mess?

you need:

1 banana

1 knife

2 hands

Step 1: Peel 1/2 the Banana

peel about half of the banana, length-wise

Step 2: Start Cutting Inside the Peel - Cut # 1:

hold a knife in the other hand and start cutting the banana you hold
make on cut vertically (lenghtwise)

Step 3: Cut # 2

make another cut horizontally (more or less above the left-on peel)

Step 4: .... and Now Dicing:

to finish it off start making parallel cuts throughout the banana, starting on the outer tip of the banana and moving towards you.

(obviously, or?, dont cut all the way through. cut until you ´hit ´the peel at the bottom. its really fairly simple not to kill yourself. just go gently in the beginning until you got the knack, from there on its like flying through the banana)

Step 5: Finish: Scrape the Diced Banana Out of Its Peel:

i typically start ´spooning´ (with the very knife etc ) the cut pieces out of its peel, as the spanish say, *sobre la marcha*, on its way. maybe every couple of inches. (drop the pieces rrght over a plate or into a bowl, etc).. cutting/spooning in sections has the advantages that the empty part of the peel starts dropping (out of you way, and thus sight), and thus further cutting is easier. ...

this might all sound a bit technical, but, trust me, i dice the banana this way faster than on a cutting-board etc. and, especially if you have a very ripe banana, you really make no mess (talking of which: again, just dont dice banana AND fingers/hand). (edit jun 22, ´19)

just give it a try next time a banana bumps into you .... just play. be a child.

, . , , , ., . , , ,., , done. no dishes.

1 banana, 3 friends (two hands & one knife)

life is messy enough.

keep thinkgs simple.

thanks to all.


Step 6: