Improv: How to Use a Rotary Tool Without a Collet




Introduction: Improv: How to Use a Rotary Tool Without a Collet

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i broke the collet of the dremel. (a new one i ordered won´t get here until weeks). and since i use the dremel like my toothbrush (daily-ish): improvisation kicks in.

here is how to operate your rotary tool without a collet:

Step 1: Reducer-tube

to prevent the bit from wobbling inside the shaft: create a quick and dirty tube. here i use the lid of a fish-can (disclosure: i adore fish-cans. a gift from the gods)

cut a strip, roll it up to the size (depending on the thickness of the bit you will use)

Step 2: Compression Ring

to prevent the bit from spinning inside the shaft:

fabricate some kind of compression ring. here i use a small piece of stranded electrical wire with the insulation kept on >> the rubber will prevent slippage.

Step 3: Assembly:

insert tube into shaft of rotary-tool

push lock-nut over bit you will use

then push the compression ring over the bit inside the lock-nut

insert bit into the tube inside the shaft & tighten lock-nut

ready to bring down the universe


thank you universe


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    3 years ago

    The best thing for a dremel is to toss the collets and get a Keyless Chuck

    la xerra
    la xerra

    Reply 3 years ago

    yes, sir, it all works ...well...until it doesnt anymore
    (as apprentice we taped the chuck-key to the power-cord because we lost it all the time... the one above is key-less, it seems... )
    all those wicked tools n toys: life has just gotten to fukcing easy (*famous last words*)


    3 years ago

    Great tip! I hate it when a collet breaks :)