Introduction: Improv: Make Your Own Bits for Rotary-tools #1

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(not just for emergencies), this is how you create makeshift bits for a rotary tool. simple & fast:

here: a ´router´/´drill´ bit made out of a fishcan (tin)

USEFUL TOOLS (but, as always, 1000 trails lead to roma):

_ tin (here lid of a fishcan)

_ scissors

_ pliers

_ hammer

_ thin nail (or similar object, see below)

_ file (opt)

Step 1: Cut a Strip of Tin

i use a pair of a bit stronger scissors.

cut a strip about 3-4 cm by 3 cm (details depend on specific application - just play around)

Step 2: Roll It Up in a Coil

roll up the tin strip in a coil, the tighter the better

(to simplify the start: use a thin, stiff, round object, like a nail or a needle, etc, to begin wrapping the tin around.)

at a diameter of about 3 mm cut off the extra and close the coil

btw, this might come helpful in case the bit you create won´t fit your collet:

Step 3: Shape a Head

obviously, there a many way to form a head.

for simplicity: i opt for a flat, screw-driver-like head (another one, pointed, below)

all you need is to flatten down the tip of the coil (w/ a hammer etc)

optionally you could file/sharpen/groove etc the edges

Step 4: Done

insert the bit in the rotary-tool > secure it > ready for brain-surgery

any feedback is appreciated, & please ask if you got a question.

thanks to all.