Introduction: Improv: Make (plastic)-nuts (for Whatever Thread), #1

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here is how to make your own nuts - from trash (plastic/bottles).

this technique works for machine-threads as well as wood-screws etc.

Step 1: Materials:

here i use a water-bottle (no.1 plastic, p.e.t.)

cut out a ring/strip (whatever size you desire)

Step 2: Starting:

for demonstration-purpose i use a 10mm bolt (we use for rock-climbing).

wrap the strip about twice around the thread, tightly.

Step 3: Weld the Edges:

join to the edges of the wrap (hear i use a soldering-iron).... so that the wrap cant come loose.

Step 4: Create a ´profile´:

the first windings will make the ´foundation´ of the nut. ´burn´ the profile of the thread into the plastic (without actually burning the wraps) ... (strike... brush... over the plastic with the soldering-iron. p.e.t. will shrink once exposed to heat. between shrinkage and softened plastic the thread-profile will get ´burned´ in.

( btw, this might come handy here : )

Step 5: Build Up Layers

now, with the foundation being locked in, build up the actual nut by additional windings of the plastic-strip.

again, join the edges of the wrap.

and pack the wrap down and tight with the striking-technique (see above - btw, you can use a heatgun etc as well, but _A i dont have enough power to plug one in here, and, _B, i prefer the more subtle soldering-iron)

Step 6: Done

you can create a nut as thick and as wide etc as you wish.

obviously, the more profile-surface you create the stronger the function as a nut.

note: the cover-image above shows the original nut being cut in half.

anyhow, thats it for now (another, maybe better technique to create nuts from trash/plastic will follow at some point)


any questions and any critique is welcome.

thank you all.


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