Introduction: Improv: Tripod for Cell-phone (made From Plastic Bottle & Lamp)

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i want to do a few instructables with photos, for which i need one
more hand... or :some quick&dirty ´tripod´. so i whipped that one together, really in notime: MATERIALS:

you need some plastic-bottle and some sort of lamp with a flex-arm TOOLS: knife, scissors

Step 1: Cut Bottle:

get a bottle

cut off the lid-thread

cut 2 slots in the remaining neck (the thickness of your cell)

cut out on the main-body a shape that will take the lamp-shade, see below

Step 2: Push Bottle Over Lamp-shade

fit the custom-cut bottle over the lamp-shade

Step 3: Assembly & Use:

in the 3rd picture is a cell-dummy (i only got one cell to take the photo with).


_ angle: just flex the arm of the lamp

_ height: use some object to pose on (books, chair, box, etc)

_ angle lateral: move the bottle sidewards (bottle and lamp-shade work like a hinge)

thats it.

thanks to all.


Step 4: