Introduction: Introuduction

I made this product for airport users, (like my mom) because one of the biggest problems she had was that the AirPods always fell out when she was in her dance class. but were not comfortable enough that is why I developed this product with all of these characteristics. first, they had to be comfortable, second, they had to not fall out and be used for different purposes. and third, they had to look nice and discreet.

Step 1: Step 1: Intro to Design

Step 1: Intro to Design

What is design thinking? design thinking is the design process that you do before you start building your first model.

Why is design thinking important when designing? it is important because it helps you plan you're designing before you build it.

Describe your design. my design is a gadget that you put on you're AirPods that make them more comfortable but make them harder to fall off and get lost Lost.

the supplies/materials to your project and upload a photo of all your materials. I used a glue gun scissors and a big piece of rubber.

Step 2: ​Step 2: Discovery and Interpretation

Step 2: Discovery and Interpretation

What is empathy and how does it fit with design thinking? it fits the design thinking because you need to be empathetic with youre user to see how youre product can help them not you.

Who is your user? my user is my mom.

What is the interpretation phase? when you see what are the users needs and what challenges you are going to have.

What were the drivers and constraints that came from the interview? the constraints were, Lightweight

Portable Good sound quality Comfortable Perfect fit/ that don’t fall out Good look Small.

Step 3:

Step 3: Ideation What is ideation? Upload the photos of your sketches in this step.

Step 4: Step 4: Prototype

Step 4: Prototype Describe the steps in detail of making your design. I first started doing the whole planning process and then moved on to building my first model my first model was going to consist of also of thing some being a ring that grabs on to the outer part of you're ear so the airpods don't fall out but when I finished it wasn't comfortable so I decided to make a small rubber design that fits perfectly in any type of ear that is comfortable and doesn't fall out.