Introduction: How to Wear a Saree

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in my other instructables i have showed you how to design bridal henna and Arabian  eye makeup, to get a complete Indian look with henna and makeup, in this instructable i am going to show you how to wear a saree :o :D

Step 1: Select

select a saree, matching saree blouse, an under skirt and jewelery as you need, that's up to you to select Indian type of jewels.
i selected a red saree, and a blouse with sequence work and a black underskirt 

Step 2: 1st Step

wear the underskirt and the blouse, i had a very difficult time taking pictures myself :/

Step 3: 2nd Step

before wearing the saree wear the pair of heels you are going to wear. if you wear the heels after wearing the saree will be short,so if you wear the heels before wearing the saree, you can adjust the saree length :) (tip)

Step 4: About the Saree

in the Saree there are two ends one is called the head piece which comes over the shoulder, and the other end which is the starting. we start draping from the starting end.

the picture shows my Saree's head piece

and another thing, in the Saree there are two sides top and bottom, top is easy to find because the top border of the saree is up to half way and bottom border is for the full length of the Saree 

Step 5: 3rd Step

hold the saree's top starting end corner, and tie a small knot  :) 

Step 6: 4th Step

tuck the knot in the right hand side to the skirt.

Step 7: 5th Step

once the knot is tuck in the skirt, drape around the body once and bring it to the place where you started.

Step 8: 6th Step

and then you have to pleat the saree,i took around 5 pleats. video shows how to make the pleats. and then tuck it to the skirt  at the center and secure with a pin.

Step 9: 7th Step

you have to make the pleats up to the top border, i told you guys that top border starts from half way :)
hold the top headpiece corner like showed in the picture and hold the horizontal side and pleat it like showed in the picture.
always remember, when you are making the pleats start from top headpiece corner, the last pleat should be opposite to the first pleat.
after making the pleats secure with a pin.

Step 10: 8th Step

and now you have to take the pleated saree front from your right shoulder, this is difficult to explain so i made a video of it :)

once it is taken front and secured it should look like in the picture.

Step 11: Last Step

last step, do it just like showed in the video and secure it with a pin or tuck it to the skirt. and you are done, put on you jeweleries , and another thing. take the first pleat and put it over your head and you are done, perfect indian look :)
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