Introduction: Indian Style Doll's Bed

I love dolls and I like to stitch dresses, knit sweaters for them. Similarly, my passion is to create furnished doll house. At the same time I try to recycle product. This doll's bed is also made from waste paper and cloth and having dimension of Length is 7.5" ,Width is 5.5" and High is 2.5".

Step 1: Materials Required for Bed and Bedding :

Materials required :

Material for Bed :

1) Empty detergent cardboard box, match box, ointment box.

2) White adhesive

3) Water

4) Old news paper

5) Adhesive tape

6) Acrylic color for paper

7) Beads & sequins.

8) Wool

Material for Bedding :

1)Cloth : a) White cotton cloth for pillows, mattress, quilt.

b) Off white polyester cloth for pillow covers, mattress cover, quilt cover.

2) Cotton for pillow and quilt filling

3) Foam sheet for mattress

4) Lace for bed spread

5) White machine thread for stitching pillows & covers , mattress & cover,quilt & its cover

6) Red and olive green embroidery threads for floral embroidery on pillow & quilt covers and on bed spread

Tools for Bed :

1) A pair of scissors

2) Brush for paint

3) Tuiser

4) Different container for mixing adhesive and paint with water

5) Measuring Scale

Tools for Bedding :

1) Sewing Machine

2) Embroidery Needle

3) A pair of scissors

4) Thread Cutter

5) Pencil

6) Sewing seam ripper

Step 2: Making the Bed :

1) Open the detergent cardboard box from all sides.

2) Give a basic shape by folding, cutting and joining the cardboard box.

3) Cut and attached with adhesive tape for the structure.

4) Cut the back rest in half circular shape.

5) Small pieces of news paper were glued with 2:1 ratio of water & white adhesive solution to give the strength to the bed.

6) On a white paper first drawn the out line then decorated it with wool, beads & sequins which glued with white adhesive. Similarly, another decorative semi circular piece also done.

7) Attached the half circular piece on the back rest and semi circular piece on leg side with white adhesive.

8) When it totally dry paint it with white acrylic color.

9) Color the bed with the mixture of burnt sienna color and dark brown.

10) Finally highlight the design with dark brown color.

Step 3: Making the Mattress

Taken a 3/4" width foam sheet of measuring 5.5" x 7.5" and two pieces of white cloth of measuring 6" x 8" ( 1/2" extra cloth taken both the sides for stitching). Now , stitched three sides of two pieces of cloths .The foam piece inserted through the open side and then stitched the opened side. The mattress is ready.

Step 4: Making of Pillows and Pillow Covers

Making of Pillows : Two pieces of white cloth of measuring 10 cm. x 7 cm. were taken. Made a half fold 10 cm. side, so that measurement of the pillow would be 5 cm x 7 cm. Among opened three sides stitched any two sides and filled it with cotton to shape the pillow. Lastly stitched the opened side. Same Technic was applied for both the pillows.

Making of Pillow Covers : For a pillow cover, a piece of off white polyester cloth measuring 8 cm x 12 cm was taken.One 12 cm side was folded by 1/2 cm and stitched. A small floral design was drawn on the other 12 cm side and hand embroidered the design with olive green and red embroidery threads.Now folded the 12 cm side into haves. Stitched the floral design part and both 8 cm side together.

Step 5: Making of Bed Spread

A piece of off white polyester cloth, measuring 8.5" x 10.5" was taken. Folded and stitched all four sides. Then drew and embroidered the floral designs on both length sides of the bed spread. At last stitched lace along lengthwise. The bread spread is ready.

Step 6: Making of Quilt and Quilt Cover

Making of Quilt : A piece of white cloth measuring 14" X 9" was taken. 14" side was folded into equally. Then it turned into a rectangle of measuring 7" x 9". Stitched both the 7" sides and one 9" side was already close due to folding. Now cotton was spread over stitched cloth of the quilt and beat it very well to make uniform layer of cotton. Roll the cotton cloth along with the cotton as shown in the picture, And drag the inside part out. Then stitched it length and breath wise. The Quilt is ready.

Making of Quilt Cover : For cover, apiece of 12" x 8.25" off white polyester cloth was taken. First of all floral embroidery was done over it then stitched it so that final size of it should be 9.25" x 7.25". So the quilt cover is ready.

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