Introduction: Indonesian Rice Flour Jelly Drink (Es Cendol)

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This traditional drink is pretty well known through out Southeast Asian countries. In Indonesia itself, cendol is called in various names. Some people make it solely using rice flour, while others with mung bean flour. I tend to use both when I make my cendol.

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

Jelly (cendol):

1 pouch hun kwee flour (mung bean flour), white - available in Asian stores or online

2 c water

1 c rice flour

1 tbsp pandan paste (available in Asian stores or online)

1 screw-pine leaf/pandan leaf (available in Asian stores)

30 gram sugar

a lot of ice cubes and enough water

1 scant tsp lime stone paste (optional)

Sugar water:

1 bag of firm palm sugar (available in Asian stores, about 4 sugar in a bag)

5 tbsp of sugar

enough water

Coconut Milk:

2 cans of coconut milk

a pinch of salt

1 screw-pine leaf/pandan leaf

Bring to a boil sugar, water, and screw pine leaf

In a bowl, mix flours and a little water, then add in paste, stir to combine

Pour mixture into boiled water, quickly stirring as mixture will thickened

Take off from heat

In a large bowl, fill up with water (and give a tsp lime stone paste (if you have), it is not easy to find in Asian stores overseas, and without it is just fine) and ice cubes

Place cendol mold (if you have, if not use potato ricer) over cold water and pour mixture enough at a time and press mixture into ice water

Drain cendol over strainer and place in a container, and add in a little water (just so that cendol doesn't stick one to another and stays fresh), cool in fridge

Bring sugar, palm sugar and enough water to a boil (until sugar dissolved).

Cool to room temperature and strain (sometimes firm palm sugar gives residue when dissolved in water), cool in fridge.

Bring coconut milk, salt and screw pine leaf to a boil, let cool to room temperature then cool in fridge

Step 2: Enjoy~

Place amount of cendol on a serving glass or bowl, followed with sugar water then coconut milk. Serve cold.

You can add ice cubes to the drink as well.

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