Introduction: Ingraved Name Tag Necklaces

Last week we bought a Clementine box. I couldn't throw the box away, I knew I had to do something with it. So I decided to make name tag necklaces for my children and at the same time I get to practice working on my Dremel.

Here is what I used to do the necklaces:

  1. Thin wood, three pieces about 1X2 inches each
  2. A rotary tool and an engraving bit
  3. Sander
  4. Wood stain
  5. Nail polish (3 colors)
  6. Wood protector clear color
  7. Paint brushes
  8. Felt cords and beads
  9. Safety glasses
  10. 3 children (this is optional)

Step 1: How to Make the Tag

I started by writing the names in MS Word and spent a long time deciding which Font to use. Finally each kid selected the font that they like.

I printed the names using different sizes to select the that fits the best.

I traced the names on the wood blank and engraved the names using the Dremel. I had to scrap few blanks until I got the engraving right.

By the way all this time choosing the font was for nothing, they all turned out like my hand writing LOL

Once I was satisfied with the names, I took the Dremel and the electric sander and shaped the tag and rounded the corners then drilled holes for the cord on the top corners.

Next, I applied wood stain, one coat only and I was very careful not to stain the engraved name. Wait about 30 minutes before the next step to give the stain time to dry.

Then using a very thin brush, I colored the names using nail polish. This took a while because I didn't want to paint outside the lines and ruin the tag. I did not think to close the nail polish container so the fumes made me a very happy man after 20 minutes.

Then I connected the felt cord and the beads. I applied crazy glue on the knots so they don't come undone.

The last thing was the clear coat.

Let it dry overnight.

This was a fun a project to do and it didn't take a long time.

Hope you enjoyed it, until next time.

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