Introduction: Inquisitor K'nex Gun

This is my first classic knex gun (made some micro knex guns before), and my first instructable so here we go...



  • Simple design
  • Looks good, has a futuristic look - i like it ( a matter of taste )
  • Easy to handle, ergonomic grip
  • Good range , 12 meters ~ 40 feet
  • Durable


  • No magazine

It's been more than a year since I've finished this but made some modifications this week and decided to write an instructable for this. In the original there was no cut piece but now there is two cut piece than increases durability.

Since I do not have the time to write full instructions I will show two halves of the gun and how to assemble them.

Step 1: Explanation of the Gun

The bullet stays in the holes of black 8 way connectors. Purple clip holds the firing pin from firing :) For each shot firing pin should be pulled back by the 3 orange connectors (pull thingy :) ) and bullet must be loaded from the front of the gun.

The weakest point is the 3 orange connectors and the clip behind it which the rubber band gets through. Therefor I fortified them with tape.

Step 2: Part One : Grip and Trigger

The grip part is three layer, upper part is five layer.

Step 3: Part Two: Barrel and the Pin

Sorry for the lack of terminology I'll have to keep saying pull thingy and pin blocker...

Step 4: Combining the Two

There are five connection points plus another important point that you should put the pin blocker to the correct side of the grey rod.

Also while connecting the top and bottom firing pin guides to the back of the grip, pay attention to the rotation of 2 brown 2 way connectors. This is because when you pull firing pin they always get vertical force not horizontal (up or down not left or right) so they must be in the correct rotation to resist that force better.

Step 5: What's Next?

I'm planning to add another rubber band to improve power and range. It's easy to do that but not so easy to do that and keep the gun in one piece after firing a shot. Most vulnerable part is the orange pull thingy and the clip that holds rubber band and the firing pin. I've already fortified them with tape but that will not be enough. So I'm planing to apply this paste, it gets hard as cement in 15 minutes.

The videos show the original version of Inquisitor, not the current one... In the second video go to 10:17 for the Inquisitor.

I'll also post an instructable for my Knex Tank Altay (which is a beast on its own) in my next free time...