Introduction: Inspirational Fashion Design Cork Board

My fashion design/sewing room was looking slightly dull, and it needed some color. I had an extra cork board lying around and some fashion magazines, so I thought I would make an inspiration board. You can make one too!

Step 1:

This project should take 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 2: You'll Need:

For this project, you will need:

Some fashion and/or sewing magazines or pictures.



A cork board

Step 3: And Now We Cut...

Start cutting out your pictures. I chose not to have text on my cork board, I only wanted pictures, but you can have text if you want. I just think that bright pictures are easier on the eyes then large articles when hanging on the board.

Step 4: Start Attaching the Pictures.

Once you have your pictures all cut out, you can start hanging them with tacks. I used clear tacks just so they wouldn't draw away from the picture. My pictures were all different shapes and sizes, and I tried not to overlap them. I ran out of tacks, so there are some blank spots that I have yet to fill.

Step 5: Add Some Fun Details!

Have fun with this! I put a giant bow that I made on it, for goodness sake! Feel free to put some swatches of fabric or fake flowers up there, it looks super creative and interesting!

Step 6: Done!

This oroject took about 20 mintues for me, actually. Why so long? Cutting the pictures out took longer then I expected, and then I had to hang the pictures on the cork board in a way that they each looked good. I love how bright my sewing room looks now. Enjoy!

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