Introduction: Instant Weave Poles!

Dog Agility Weave Poles in a matter of minutes!!! This is an almost no tools Instructable!!!

My dogs started agility early this year and I have been stewing on how to make different obstacles to practice with at home... Chess my Border Collie went up a class a few weeks ago and could really use the practice on the weave poles so I went to my local hardware store and came up with these!!!

Step 1: Materials!

What you will need from the hardware store (I went to my local Bunnings).

  • 6 meters of 20mm PVC water pipe ($6.2 for a 3m length, or $2.3 for pre-cut 1m lengths! I'm lazy, I paid the $1.4 extra to avoid cutting anything).
  • 6x Irrigation spikes (double check that they fit, they didn't fit every piece of 20mm PVC only about half, not sure why).
  • 6x 20mm end caps.
  • Insulation tape in bright colours for decorating.

Other odds and ends

  • Scissors.
  • Ruler or measuring tape.
  • Pencil.

Step 2: Assemble!

Fit each 1m length of PVC with an irrigation spike on one end and an end cap on the other!

Step 3: Decorate!

Use the insulation tape to decorate your new weave poles!

Step 4: Practice!

Practice, practice, practice and enjoy!