Introduction: Interactive Radar Wall

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Interactive radar wall is one of the multi-touch systems. It is based on computer vision technology, gets and recognizes the movement of a person's finger over the projection area(windows or desks). With natural gesture attitude control software, the image click, zoom, three-dimensional rotation, drag and drop. It is an extremely natural and convenient mode of interaction.

Multi-touch interactive wall includes more implementation of the mainstream of the scheme for radar, camera, conductive capacitor. The display medium also includes a projector and a splicing screen. We also overlooked an important way to touch the led screen.

This approach does not require many factors, but is subject to the scope of the display. If the display range is small, using a touch led screen is a good choice. However, the common interactive wall interaction range is large, generally to use the projector fusion technology and the use of splicing screen scheme.

The interactive radar wall scheme I'm introducing today is radar and projector. Due to the small projected area, projection fusion is not used.

Step 1: The Radar

Lidar is chosen in the program

Step 2: Interactive Software

The interactive software uses the Unity game engine, which is for receiving data sent by radar and the effect of the interaction display. Unity has a wealth of third-party plug-ins, which this project is also largely dependent on, unfortunately the plug-in is no longer updated. Therefore, if you are more familiar with the TUIO protocol, you can also develop their own easy-going tools.

Step 3: Note Adding the TUIOInput Component.

The plug-in contains a number of cases that can be used directly on radar interactions. Suitable for us to learn about the use of the plug-in.

With sufficient understanding of the plug-in, you can start the implementation of the project, the difficulty of the project is to receive radar data.

Step 4: Important Code

Step 5:

The project can not only be touched by hand, but also thrown at the wall with the ball, as long as the light is blocked, it will trigger the sensing. It's fun to play basketball interactive games for kids in the gym.