Introduction: Interactive Touch Projection Wall

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Today, I bring you a touch of an animated wall in your brand culture display, exhibition hall activities and other places put such a control board to make your wall full of fun.

Step 1: Put Copper Foil Tape

Find a place to touch and attach it with copper foil tape within the range of the touch point on the back.

Step 2: Connect the Wires to the Control Panel.

According to the distance between the control plate and the foil tape to cut out the appropriate length of the wire, the end of the wire is fixed in the appropriate position of the control plate, with screws fastening.

Step 3: Connect the Control Plate With Copper Foil Tape.

Turn the other end of the wire to the image and secure it to the foil tape.

Here, it is recommended to use the iron to weld the copper wire on the foil tape, and then cover the solder position with copper foil tape to make it more securely connected.

Step 4: Secure the Control Panel.

Use hot melt to secure the control plate and wire to the back of the board, according to the background plate back space and other actual conditions, if space allows, the power supply can also be glued to the back.

Step 5: Connect the Power Supply.

Connect the positive and negative poles of the control plate and three power cords to the corresponding position of the power supply (red is positive and black is negative), fire lines (brown lines) to the L end, zero lines (blue lines) to the N end, and ground lines (yellow) to the end of the bottom symbol.

Step 6: Our Final Result Is This: