Introduction: Interactive Table! IKEA SYNAS + Sketchup + Edddison + Lamp

About: The edddison toolkit is an easy to use system to create your own interactive 3D application for fantastic presentations.Our channel present important videos that talk about the technology.

Hello All!

edddison, based in Austriaprovides cutting-edge products for making 3D data interactive.

Today we want to show you how to use our edddison software and an IKEA SYNAS lamp to walk through Sketchup-3D-Models!

Step 1: What You Need / Materials

Step 1: What you need / Materials

.) IKEA SYNAS Lamp (30$) Link

.) edddison software. Available as trial

.) edddison tracking module. Available as trial

.) Sketchup Make (Free @

.) An object to navigate (for example little eddd 3D-printed)

.) Print markers on paper out of the edddison software

.) A Sketchup 3D-Model ( ) or one of our demo files

That´s it!

Total Cost: 30$ for the IKEA lamp

Step 2: Setup the Hardware

We made a pretty nice video on how to set up the whole thing:

Step 2: Setup the Hardware

But you can also follow the pictures here:

1) Assemble the IKEA Lamp, BUT LEAVE ONE SIDE OPEN so you can set up the webcam and the paper.

2) Cover the LEDs of the lamp with the A4-paper to reduce the reflections on the top glass

3) Place the webcam as shown on the picture so it faces up. In the end the webcam needs to see the markers you put up there.

4) Print the Markers out of edddison software (editor) and put them in the corners of the glass as shown. Each Marker has its position printed on it, so don´t mix them up! These will tell the software where to look for your position later on.

5) Print the Position (POV) Marker and put it on Little Eddd. This will be the object you move around, that resembles the person in the 3D-File.

Step 3: The Software

Step 3: The Software

.) Download Sketchup Make and install it on your computer

.) Download the edddison trial software and install it in your computer

.) Download the edddison camera tracking trial and install it on your computer

.) Connect your Webcam to the laptop

.) Open up the Demo File from our Homepage or make your own 3D-File and set it up with the instructions on the homepage.
Trimble warehouse has a huge collection of 3D models. I am sure you can find a good looking one.

.) In Sketchup go to "Window->Extension Warehouse"

type "edddison" in the search field and install it.

.) Connect your Webcam to your laptop

.) Open up the Demo File from our Homepage or make your own 3D-File and set it up with the instructions on the homepage

.) Click the Edddison-button in sketchup and wait until edddison is open.

.) Click "Import" to load the demo-edddison-file or "Create" a new one following the instructions.

In case you used the Demo File:

You should be ready to go!

If you see a small window popping up with your webcam try moving "Little Eddd" and you should be able to walk around!

In case you made your own 3D-File:

Click on "Add Device" -> edddison projection table

You should be ready to go!

Enjoy your new edddison table for 30$!

If you like the software buy it! :)

Step 4: Video Tutorials

We have quite a few video tutorials online and also step-to-step-manuals on our homepage

Step 5: Use the Tablet

Step 5: Use the tablet

Edddison also works with tablets and smartphones to interactively walk through your files!

Just install the "edddison"-app from the play store or apple store for free and be sure that you are connected to the same Wifi as your laptop with edddison running.

You should directly be connected!

Step 6: About Edddison

edddison gets customers, designers and managers to stop being spectators and start communicating interactively with virtual 3D models. Viewers can walk through a planned house or take a seat in a futuristic car model. The smart technology even allows non-technical users to work with the displayed objects almost as if they were playing a game.

edddison is a hardware and software tool which can be integrated seamlessly into standard 3D software like Autodesk Navisworks, Unity3D or SketchUp. It allows users to create interactive applications without programming skills and makes planning and presenting buildings and projects as easy as playing a game. Users can interact with and navigate through a 3D drawing of the project using a tablet, touchscreen or special solution, such as the edddison tabletop. Why edddison? A new dimension of 3D visualization Nowadays, interactive 3D visualizations are a widely used means of presentation. Yet, so far, they have lost much of their charm because they are difficult to navigate with mouse and keyboard and they are limited in terms of use. edddison makes these constraints a thing of the past. Its intuitive and easy handling opens up a completely new dimension of 3D interaction. Until recently, this technology has been the preserve of large, well-heeled companies. edddison has now succeeded in standardizing its product and thus can offer its customers this technology at an affordable price. Software and hardware can be purchased immediately on the webshop. edddison offers architects, real estate developers, builders, designers, the automobile industry and others a simple and attractive alternative to static product presentations. edddison provides a presentation and sales tool to involve customers, managers and stakeholders directly in the design and decision-making process and also get them excited about their product in a new and fascinating way. About edddison – The technical details edddison is a hardware and software tool running with your favorite 3D software. The 3D view can be controlled remotely by mixed reality systems (physical objects) or touch devices (tablets). The system is open for third party hardware and software products. The platform consists of three components: the plug-in, which is available for Trimble SketchUp, Unity3D, and Autodesk Navisworks (others to follow); the editor, which also allows non-technical users to develop interactive 3D applications in no time; the hardware, which navigates the 3D view. This can be a tablet PC, a touchscreen or a mixed reality system. See diagram and photos. Who is behind the product? Headquartered in Graz, Austria, the creative firm KOMME®Z was originally founded by DI Thomas Kienzl as a consultancy. A team of architects, media designers and software specialists headed by the company’s founder wanted to bridge the gap between “old technologies”, like models and drawings, and the new digital technologies. These efforts resulted in the MRI (Mixed Reality Interface), which quickly captured the attention of experts, establishing the company as a pioneer in the field of interactive 3D solutions. Over the following years, the development team primarily focused on creating individual customer projects. Over time, we saw first-hand that our clients need a standardized, practical 3D presentation and visualization solution. We began developing and with the market launch of edddison, a brand-new smart technology is now available. One that is not only affordable for small companies, but one that represents a major step in the presentation of 3D content. Big blue chip companies such as Daimler, Magna, Nokia, Egger and others have already incorporated parts of edddison into their workflows. The company currently employs 12 people and has already accomplished quite a lot: it has implemented quite a number of impressive customer projects, won prestigious awards, presented at globally renowned trade shows and registered several patents. The recent launch of the webshop should help to better serve the established European and American markets as well as open up new markets.