Interchangeable Bracelet Watch

Introduction: Interchangeable Bracelet Watch

I always wear a watch. Without one I feel lost. However, when going to a special occasion I hate to wear my cheap everyday watch. So this bracelet watch is the perfect solution! It looks fancy and I can still know what time it is! And the best part is that you can switch out the bracelet to match every outfit!

Step 1: What You Need

-a watch face (found at craft stores or online at Etsy)

-jewelry wire (if it's a gold or silver watch face, I use gold or silver wire respectively)

-two 5mm jump rings

-two crimp beads

-two lobster clasps

-assorted beads (colors of your choice)

-jewelry pliers (I used a pair of rosary pliers and a pair of chain-nose pliers)

-jewelry flush-cutters (or any type of small wire cutter)

Step 2: Preparing the Wire

Measure the circumference of your wrist and multiply the length by 3 1/2. (I measure in inches; so you may have to adjust the length depending on what units of measurement you use.)

Cut the wire.

Thread one end of the wire through one lobster clasp and pull it through for one length of you wrist's circumference.

Step 3: Threading Beads

Now begin threading the beads in your desired pattern onto the wire. Be sure to get the beads over both ends of the wire, and push them all the way to the lobster clasp.

Step 4: Add Crimp Beads

Once you are halfway the length of your wrist's circumference, add one crimp bead. Then thread a bead on. And then add one more crimp bead.

Then finish threading on the rest of your beads. Both ends of the wire should be coming out your last bead.

Step 5: Clipping One End of the Wire

Carefully - without letting any beads come off the wire - pull the shorter wire end back through a few beads.

Clip the wire, and thread the cut end back into the beads you just removed it from.

Now you have one wire end hidden in the beads and only one wire end sticking out.

Step 6: Adding Second Lobster Clasp

Thread wire through second lobster clasp.

Then thread the wire end back into the beads. Be sure the wire goes into each bead until the wire has passed both crimp beads.

Once it is past the crimp beads and a few other beads, let the end come out.

Step 7: Tightening and Crimping

In one hand hold the lobster clasp at the loose end. With your other hand hold the wire end that is exposed.

Pull until it is fully tightened.

Crimp the crimp beads firmly.

Step 8: Finishing Touch

Trim excess wire. Now your bracelet is finished!

Step 9: Preparing Watch Face

Now is the easy part!

Take your watch face and two jump rings.

Open each jump ring and attach it to either end of the watch face, closing each ring firmly.

Step 10: Finished!

You're done!

To wear, simply attach the bracelet to the watch face using the lobster clasps.

Make as many bracelets as you want!

Thank you for reading this post. :)


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