Introduction: Intubation Box to Protect Medical Workers. Covid-19

About: SMA Dad creating things to help disabled kids.

Wanted to share these intubation boxes i have been making and donating to the hospitals. The day after i built the first one they used it to intubate a crashing COVID patient.

During intubation droplets containing the virus become aerosolized. The smaller liquid particles become airborne and can traverse filtration barriers. These boxes greatly improve safety for front line medical staff by creating a protective barrier at a critical time. Every one of them we keep healthy and, in the fight, improves everyone's odds. Especially for medically fragile kids like my son


Step 1: CNC Routing the 1/4 Acrylic Sheets

Find someone locally with a cnc router. attached are the dxf and eps files they will need to cut the sheets.

Step 2: Assemble Panels and Glue

remove the protective film from the interior side of each panel. Use good quality masking tape and Clamps to pull the panels tight together. Make sure the surfaces are all contacting and no gaps. Some of the rounded inside corners may need to be lightly filed. aUse the acrylic cement to bond the panels together.

Step 3: Torch Polish Edges & Seal With Silicone

Torch polishing the edges will smooth out all of the tool marks and sharp corners. This step will help prevent healthcare workers from cutting or ripping their PPE. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area and pay special attention to the arm holes.
After everything cools down apply a bead of silicone to the inside corners.

Step 4: Optional Extras

As a optional step you can use a router to slightly round the corners with a roundover bit.

Adding triangle braces to the bottom corners of the front panel and add a 2-3" rectangular piece to the top of the patient end. Will help the stability of the box.

Step 5: Last Step. Donate to Healthcare Workers Who Need Them!

Last Step. Donate to Healthcare Workers Who Need Them!
We are all in this together!