Introduction: Iphone Camera Stand Gorillapod Mount

I wanted a quick stand and tripod mount for my iPhone six. I wanted the device to be able to take the
phone in its silicone case in both portrait and landscape orientation. I wanted the device to be able to hold the phone upright on a table on its own and to be able to use it with a small tripod. I have a couple of Joby Gorilla pods and wanted to use the quick release mechanism. I thought about making a case that had a screw hole to attach to the existing quick release plate. But I felt 3d printing the ¼-20 thread would not be very strong, and it would be just as easy to design the holder with a built in quick release plate.

Step 1: Using a Photograph in Fusion

I wanted to try the canvas feature in fusion 360 so I took a
photo of the quick release plate. I put a steel rule in the photo so that when I use the calibrate function I could just pick a measurement on the rule.

Inset a photo as a canvas and orient it to the axis of your choosing then right click on the canvas and choose calibrate. I then just selected two points on the steel rule and entered the measurement on the rule.

Once the canvas is imported and scaled it can be used to draw an outline in a simple sketch using lines and splines.

Step 2: Build the Model

Once the main sketch was created based on the photograph canvas, the rest of the design was just some simple extrusions and some measuring with a pair of digital calipers.

After a few test prints to get the base interlocking with the tripod and one more to get the spring snug with the iPhone it was pretty much done in a couple of hours from concept to completion.

The STL file as well as the fusion 360 files are attached

Step 3: The Completed Tripod Mount

The completed mount holds the phone in its case in both horizontal and vertical alignments. The spring keeps enough friction for both.

The mount will also hold the phone without the Gorilla Pod so you can use it to quickly hold the phone on a table or flat surface too.