Introduction: A Stand for Tony's Work (Ironman Jarvis Console)

Iron Man FacePlate and Arc Reactor Framed with light.

Step 1:

Step 2: Iron Man: Arc Reactor + Face Plate + Led Frame Stand

hi! continuing with my Iron Man project  see here, the next step is of course : constructing an Arc Reactor.
I've seen many in many websites, in Instructables there are a lot of great projects well documented. So I wanted mine and wanted it ... personal (non identical to others)...even if I'm of course inspired by all the projects I've seen here (and there)...


I always saved junk parts from old pc's, hard drives and other electronics.

here the construction of the arc needed:
- a VCR motor
- 8 HDD motor contactors
- 8 golden stripes (connecting the hard drive reading head)
- a clear acrylic ring (laser cut)

the all was assembled with hot or rapid glue.


see here:


using a wooden frame (peinted in black)
+ a mouvement detecting led lamp.


Step 3: Upgrade

well, an old motherboard, a plexiglass, some try and re try, and hop an upgrade

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