Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor in 7 Min


Make your own Arc Reactor in a couple of minutes :)

If you have questions or need advice, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Step 1:

Tools needed:

- Glue gun with sticks

- Soldering iron

- Knife


- LED flashlight

- CD case

- Wire

- Solder

- Plastic cup (joghurt or milk drink)

- String

Step 2:

Follow the video instructions (video embedded in the last step):

- Cut off the bottom of the cup

- Screw off the cap of the flashlight

- Take out the battery-holder

- Push out the button switch and the LED-board

- Remove the LEDs

- Solder on the wires as shown

- Connect them all, the red ends to the other red ends, black to black

- Solder a longer piece of wire to the stack of LEDs, red+ black -

- Glue it onto the plastic cup bottom, run out the long wire to the side

- Cut out the CD case as shown and glue it onto the LEDs

- Connect LEDs to the switch, then battery holder to LEDs and switch

- Drill 2 holes in on side of the plastic base and run a string through both of them

Done :)

Step 3: Instructional Video