Introduction: Iron Man Suit

My second costume build attempt using foam flooring from home depot.

Step 1: Starting the Foam Process...

I began by downloading files from the web, using pepakura software as my designer/viewer program. From here, its print, cut, trace, repeat.

Step 2: Making the Helmet

I decided to build this costume out of Foam. It was easier to work with, and took less time than a previous fiberglass build. I used hot glue to adhere the parts together, which was also nice and easy.

Next, I used a two part cast called "smooth on 65D" , and painted it on the outside of the helmet to give it a smooth, hardened look. It also gave it more strength. The downside was that painting it on left a lot of work for sanding, and then I had to apply 8-10 coats per part, just to get it to a nice thickness that i wanted. Needless to say, it was very time consuming, but worth it in the end.

Step 3: Body Parts ...

Once all the pieces are measured and cut, the body parts get assembled one, by one. For the chest and back parts, I reinforced the structure using thick wire that was easy to bend and form into the inside of the foam, and still keep its shape, and gave it more structure.

Step 4: Paint and Detail Beginnings...

Here I chose just flat black, very basic color scheme. I used some scrap wire for detail effects.

The arc reactor was a previous build that I did a while back... here is a link for that.

The chest parts were attached using velcro and straps. All leds, and electronic servos were powered by a few 9v batteries.

Step 5: Hands...

These were the most difficult to build, design, and make functional.

Step 6: Final Electronics and Details.

I did install servo's in the helmet, for the gun turret, and the jet pack. All are activated by a push button i modified on the chest piece for now.