Introduction: Iron on Patches

So I had this favorite cut up tee that was overworn, but I was still in love with the front graphic and wanted to give it a new life in my wardrobe!

So I bought some Heat n Bond - or known as stitch witch.  I bought the no sew kind, but next time may get the sewing version so I can  give the patch more security..   THE NO SEW did work fine though and is holding on like a champ.  Keep in mind to read the packaging so that you don't destroy it in the wash -  wash cold, tumble dry,  etc.


Gather tools and supplies----  Iron, heatnbond, scissors, patch, and something to iron it onto

1. Gather your patch of fabric, graphic, whatever you choose
2.  Cut a patch of heat n bond, a little larger than the fabric patch.
3. Follow directions on the magical adhesive you purchase, but for Heat n Bond, is as follows:
      -Heat Iron to Medium heat, NO STEAM.  Place adhesive on back of material to be bonded (Paper liner should face up.)
      -Place and hold iron on the paper liner for 2 seconds. Repeat until entire surface is bonded.  Allow to cool.
      -Cut to size or shape needed.  Peel off paper liner.  (Picture #5 shows the back of your fabric once paper is peeled off)
      -Place material, adhesive side down, on top of project. 
             *Picture #7 is showing how I made sure to center the graphic before sealing.
      -Press and hold iron for 8 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded. (See Picture #8)
      ***Times listed above are for cotton. Iron light fabrics for only 6 Seconds.  Iron thick fabrics an additional 2 seconds from the             back of the project.
4.  Let shirt cool, try it on and enjoy!  You've just salvaged your favorite tee shirt and added something new to the wardrobe :)