Introduction: An Awesome Toy Only for Non-lazy Cats!

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A few months ago I published my first tutorial -another toy- which was a success at home . My kitty really enjoyed! The older cat...well, she basically doesn´t love toys....she would rather be sleeping!

Unfortunatly, my kitty passed away, so Celeste -the oldest - started feeling blue....I wanted to cheer her up! That is why I decided to make a new toy for her....but, after almost 8 years, it is like she hadn´t learnt to enjoy anything but sleeping....

I am convinced my kitty would have loved this! So, I encourage you to try it. But make sure your cat is not as lazy as mine. Otherwise, well.. just watch the video. I tried to film her reaction....In fact, I got it, but It was not what I expected...Nope, definitely not what I expected
This was an epic failure for me because of her reaction. When it comes to cats, their reactions are unpredictable...(But I should have known Celeste`s)...After all, cats always make whatever they want! Love them
Disclaimer: This was inspired by photo I saw in pinterest !

* By the way, my cat feels soo much better now :)

Step 1: Get You Materials!

It is a really cheap toy! You`ll only need:

1. Toilet Paper roll
2. An old and small box
3. Scissors or any other pointed object
4. Nylon
5. Bells -or any small and striking objetc-

Step 2: Remove the Bottom of the Box

Take your box and remove the bottom and the top of it. I recommend you to look for a box that match the length of the toilet paper roll. If you do not find any, you will have to cut the borders out as well.

Step 3: Wrap the Outer Side

Feel free to wrap it with gift paper ;) The inside doesn't have to be perfect. Any way, the toilet paper rolls will cover that up.

Step 4: Let`s Add Some Bells

Take one of the toilet paper rolls and make two holes as is shown in the first two pictures -if you are using bells, just make one-. Then, crop a piece of nylon and tie a bell.

Now, if you are using a bell, you are supposed to get something like it is shown in the fourth picture. So, cross one end of the nylon string through the hole and cut out the other one end. With the nylon string you have outside the paper roll, tie a knot.

If you are working with a striking object (3rd picture), take each end of the nylon string and cross it through a hole.

Repeat the process as many times as you want!

Step 5: Glue Them Inside the Box

Glue the toilet paper rolls inside the box until you finish ;)

Done :D

Step 6: Finally! Let Your Non-lazy Cats Enjoy It!!

I have to admit that some times I tend to forget what makes cats happy. If you do not have time to make toys, do not worry!!Just watch the video ;) They enjoy paper balls, a toy as simple as that managed to caught Celeste`s attention :D That is the best toy for cats!!

By the way, failure is never planned, it is unpredictable yet incredibly useful if you know how to take advantage of it. Do not feel discouraged, just work harder, innovate and keep creating ;)

Have a nice day :)

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