Introduction: Jack-O-Lantern

Hi friends!

Thanks for viewing my first instructable. I believe Halloween is incomplete without a Jack-O'-Lantern. This is my first Halloween and obviously first Jack-O'-Lantern. Im very much inspired by this traditional form of art. I tried my best to carve a spooky pumpkin. Im happy to see my pumpkin sitting near the door to welcome all the trick or treaters on the Halloween day.

Step 1: Requirements:

A healthy pumpkin free of any cuts, bruises or nicks

A marker

A sharp knife

A sharp serving ladle or ice cream scoop


Paper towels


Step 2: To Get Started:

Wash the pumpkin and wipe off all the moisture using paper towels.

Select a design.

Spread the newspapers on workspace to protect the surface and for easy clean up.

Step 3: Making the Lid

Draw a circle of radius approximately 5 to 10cm from thestem. Cut along the circle. The lid doesn’t have to be a circle, it can be zigzag, star shaped or curvy etc.

Pull out all the stringy pulp with seeds.

The seeds can be washed, dried and saved for the next season planting or can be roasted for a healthy snack!

Step 4: Carving

Draw the design on pumpkin. Kids can be involved in this.

Carefully gently carve out the design using the knife.

Pull out the remaining strings of pulp for a perfect neat look.

The lantern can be lit traditionally using candles or tealights or with flashlights and flickering LEDs as modern option.

Choose a safe display area away from flammable items.

Now the Jack-O'-Lantern is ready for Halloween!

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    That is a really nice design. Do you have any in progress pictures of you making it?

    Kri Selva
    Kri Selva

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! I didn't take step wise pictures during carving this time. Will do it from my next artwork.