Introduction: Jack Skellington String Lights

With Christmas coming up I think it is time to decorate, these cute Jack Skellington string lights are perfect to put up anywhere in the house.


  • White ping pong balls
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • String lights aka Christmas lights (you can also use just a regular string if you do not want to use string lights)
  • Scissors or knife (only if you are using string lights)

Step 1: Creating Jack

To create these amazing Jack Skellington string lights you will start with the ping pong balls and your black marker; draw a Jack Skellington face on one ball and repeat until you have as many balls as you would like. Looking up Jack's faces is a great way to get some different ideas of his facial expressions. And don't worry about the face being perfect, Jack Skellington has never looked perfect.

Step 2: Using String Lights

If you are using string lights, you will need to cut a small x in the top of each ball. You will then push the string light through the x that you just cut. For extra security, you can hot glue the lights onto the balls.

Step 3: Using String

If you are using just a string, you will place some hot glue the string on top of the balls, make sure that each of the balls are evenly space out, I would suggest about two inches apart. Use as much string as you need.

Now you can hang up your amazing decorations around the house.