Introduction: Jack Sparrow CrackerJack

Just something fun I wanted to create to keep on my mantle during Christmas. I modeled this little dude in Fusion360 from AutoDesk. I hope you like him and enjoy the work. :)

Step 1: Materials

- 3D printer (brand is up to you but I have a Robo3D R2)

-Sandpaper of various grits

- Scissors

- lots of coffee

- Bamboo skewers

- 3D Files

- PLA filament

- Superglue and kicker

- Paints

- luck

-POTC 1-5 playing on loop while you work.

Also, none of these links earn me money, this are just examples for you to visualize the tools and supplies needed, you can buy whatever brand you like from where ever you'd like. Well, the model isn't free... but it is cheap!

Step 2: Design

I wanted to make Jack really easy to print on any home printer.

It was designed in Fusion 360 from AutoDesk.

I sliced the model into parts so that there would be flat surface on every part.

All parts also have mortises modeled into them the diameter of ordinary bamboo skewers for easy assembly with a little superglue.

Step 3: Print

I decided to print this little dude in a wood fill PLA from matter hackers.

I wanted him to be fairly durable so he is printed with 3 perimeters, 3 bottom layers and 4 top layers with a 25% infill, 210 degrees C at the nozzle and 65 degrees C at the bed.

The model was then glued together with superglue and small snips of bamboo skewer.

3D renders are to show the mortise spots that help with registration and strengthening the bond between parts. Every part of the model has the spots for assembly.

Step 4: Lieutenant Norrington My Effects Please!!! and My Hat!

I don’t really have a photo of the making of this hat... but what I did was... I cut a circle out of a piece of and use contact cement to glue down the hat crown from the print.

A thin strip of leather was glued to the edge of the hat brim to mimic the rolled edge on Jack’s hat and two small crosses were stitched to the brim.

The brim was then folded and glued to the crown in the shape of Jack’s tricorn.

Step 5: Kuchi Cuchi Coo... Kuchi Bead Dangles.

The beads I ended up making on my wood lathe. These are really small and getting a print this little on its own didn’t work out.

I used small large chisels and a needle to get the separation on the beads. Some a faux separations to look like multiple beads, some are multiple beads. :)

The coin was also made on the lathe. Just a little cut off disk of wood.

Step 6: Baldric and Sheath.

The baldric and sheath were made from scrap leather and super glue.

A small piece of leather was folded over and a sword shape was cut out of it.

A D shape was cut out of a folded over scrap of leather and a dart was cut from the middle of the folded edge.

A 1/4” strip was cut to act as the strap.

Step 7: Human Hair... From My Back.

I have a bag of old hair extensions so I used superglue and kicker to lay down hair on the head. I really can’t say it any other way.

Some of the hair was “dreaded” with white school glue and some was braided.

I found it easier to braid the extensions before I glued them to he head.

The hair was then burned and blown out to achieve a messy, piratey look.

Step 8: Pirate Sword.

So while I did model a sword for dear ole Jack, I didn’t do it until after I made this one...

The handle was turned on the wood lathe, the knuckle guard is styren bent after a bit of heat was applied and the blade is also made from styrene.

All 3 parts were glued together with superglue and a needle to keep it stiff.

Step 9: I’m Only Going to Say This Once...

The paint job was done with basic acrylic paint from the art store, no big whoop.... BUT!!!!! Jacks coat has a very specific color and texture so I wanted that to show as best as it could with simple paints.

The coat was given a base coat of brown and allowed to dry.

Once it dried, I used a chip brush with the bristles cut short to splatter paint onto the coat area by dipping it in paint and the running my thumb over it until a misting of paint came off the brush and onto the black. I did this with black, yellow and gray acrylic paint.

Step 10: Random Paint Images.

The rest of the paint job was basic. Just a brush and different colors.

Step 11: Final

I decided that he needed a nice base to stand upon in all his glory. I designed a printed a base to look like a count from the Treasure of Cortez Himself!

The coin was basecoated with krylon gold spray paint and then washed with black shoe polish and allowed to dry.

The sword blade was covered in aluminum tape and also washed in black shoe polish.

Step 12: Thank You

Thanks for following along with me. If you dig my work, I’d love if you gave me a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’d like to make one yourself, I have the model up on Pinshape for download.

If you like it, comment. If you don't, comment anyway and tell me what I could do better next time around.

Thanks again, and remember to keep a weather eye on the horizon.

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