Introduction: Jaylah Star Trek Beyond Cosplay

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Hi Guys,

This is a quick step by step for my Jaylah cosplay.

I also made one for the blaster which is a seperate instructable so check it out :)

What I used for it:

Brown, grey and faun suede/ suedette fabric - £12 roughly from my local fabric store

Grey jeans - already owned

Brown heeled boots - already owned

Shoulder pads - £2.50 fabric shop

12v square batteries x 2 £2 online

Batter caps and LED lights £7 Amazon

Grey long sleeve top - £4 Amazon

Foam - gym mat / sleep mat already had

2 large plastic plant ties - £4 homebase

buckles - £2 Craft shop

Leather - £15 Amazon but I had left overs i used

Duct tape / Double sided tape / glue gun / black elastic

Black and silver paint



For the face and hair:

White clip in extension - £6.50 Amazon

Black and white face paint - £5 Amazon

Yellow contact lenses - £10 online

Grey / black/ white make up already had.

Step 1: Step One - Literally Making It Up As I Go Along......

Sooo there was a lot of trial and error in this, I was wanting to get as accurate as possible without spending too much so it isn't screen accurate but it's not far off :)

My cosplay style is very junk build, on a budget, use what I have so this would be fine for a fancy dress or for a decent cosplay for a con that you don't want to spend a fortune on.

I kept refering to the images I found online but there are a few good videos on youtube that people have uploaded of their own makes which were also very helpful, give them a watch too.

I started by hand stitching the piping down the base grey long sleeved top, my sewing machine broke so if you have one this will make life a lot easier haha! I also cut the neck out of it so it was much lower.

I made a few attempted at the base one sided waistcoat top as I needed it fitted and it took a few attempts to get the pattern right for my size. I didn't make a seperate top to go under it for the other side in the faun colour, I just cut the side I needed then pinned it to the base grey top. I left the edges raw as I was hand sewing but I do recommend edging it aswell. I turned the suede fabric over to do the piping finishes on the top edging. I used metal popped to fasten it which I then covered with the grey panelling which you can see in the final images, I used double sided tape for them but velcro would be better, I'll be adapting it to use that for the next outing.

The images show a few of the attempts and assembling the outfit with the jeans, base top and the light belt.

Step 2: Bolero Build

This is the 'bolero' for a better word haha.

I cut both panels from the leather then used some of the grey suede fabric, used the back of it and taped it to both of the panels for the back. I covered the shoulder pans with the right side of the grey suede using the double sided tape and glued them to the bolero on either side. This was the base of it before adding the buckles, back straps and front panel.

I also used some brown fabric which I detailed with a sharpie for under the shoulder pads and put black elastic on it to hold it in place. I added two collar panels on either side of the neck aswell which I glued on.

Step 3: The Details (you Have to Use Your Imagination Here Sorry!) or Check the Finished Pics :p


-For some reason deleted a load of pictures, can't believe it haha so i'll describe what I did and you will be able to see them on the final images :)

-I cut the leather in to strips for the back detailing and stitched it to the front of the bolero. I painted the buckles I bought gold and clipped with the leather on to the bolero.

-The middle piece I made from foam, cut to size in 2 pieces then double sided taped together and painted to distress it. I just taped it to the leather strip which ran across , stitched one side to the bolero and taped the other side down so I could get in and out of it.

-The grey side panels Imade from the grey suede, reversing it for the middle then using it the right way for the edging. I used wonder web to put it together but it would be better to sew it if you can. I then taped them to the waistcoast on either side but again, they could do with velcro to last longer.

-I made some knee pads from the foam, painted to distress then taped them to my jeans.

-The light belt I made from the 2 tree ties, spray painted silver. I cut the foam to side in 2 pieces then glued together, cutting out the holes to put the lights in. I ran the cables through the back to the batteries and put them in a little pouch I'd made from the grey suede.

-I made a bag to go on the side of the other belt (a normal brown belt) from the faun suede fabrci with a piece of cardboard inside to keep it ridged. i put a metal pop fastening on it to ipen and close it.

- I had some brown heeled boots which I used as a base then tied scraps of the brown suede around them as boot covers. these came undone a lot so i would make them first then put ties on to keep them secure!

Step 4: Make Up and Hair

-For the hair I'd already dyed mine white blonde but I had some white hair spray too. I didn't use it in the end as it was very claggy and made my hair look and feel terrible haha. But that did mean I couldn't do the ridging in the front of the hair as it would then show the extention clips. it would be easier I think to get a full head white wig then style it accordingly but this was my first try :)

-For the make up I did a good few trials to see how it would work on my face, I made this tempate to cut out and draw around as a guide line which helped. I blocked my eyebrows with a glue stick and powder first then drew it in eyeliner and filled it with black face paint and liquid liner. I used white face paint for the base then grey eyeshadow to do the detailing. the pics show one of the tests with the lenses in and the final face paint for the con I went to. I ran the paint in to my hair to look more natural as i didn't want to use latex or a prosthetic head piece. it's less accurate but much easier to do haha.

Step 5: The Finished Look!

This is the finished outfit at my local con :)

It should make a lot more sense with the pics of what I used and how I made it haha but if anyone is confused and needs anything explained just message me. There are a few full body pics here to show the full outfit and some close ups of the detailing.

As usual I made the most of this the week before the con maybe 40% the night before haha so some bits are a rush job using what I had. I would add some velcro on some parts like the grey side panels instead of tape as that ended up messy afterwards and proper boot covers but it came together at least for the day.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone attempting the cosplay, it was a lot of fun to do and I had some excellent feedback for the make up/ face paint and the light belt and blaster. Give me shout if you need any info!