Introduction: Scratch Built Ghostbusters 2016 Proton Pack

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Here's my take on Holtzmann's outfit and proton pack! Enjoy :)

Step 1: What I Used to Make It (hint: Use Anything You Can Get Your Hands On!)

So this is a guide for how I built my proton pack and outfit. I know a lot of people are 3D printing the parts for theirs but I had about 3 months and not much funds so I just used what I could. I'm hoping to improve on it as I go and maybe get a few parts 3D printed.

What I used to build it:

Plain tool box: generic store

2 x plastic guns: poundland

zip ties: poundland

2 x voltmeters and 9v batteries: Amazon

Wooden broom pole: poundland

wood board: back of a large picture frame but you could use plywood or use a metal backing which you can get with holes in already. Also good for ventalation!

lots of boxes: ferarro roche plastic box, jewellery boxes, small cardboard boxes, whatever you can find for the size!

A lot of coke cans!

fairy lights and rope light: Amazon

Oven mesh for chips: poundland

Shower cable: Wilkinsons or Amazon

Spray paint and spray can for the gun

vaccuum cleaner pipe for gun

Old computer for ribbon cable, motherboard and old cables

Travel scales: Poundland

Metal Colander: Amazon

Lots and lots of cardboard

Wooden sticks

Orange backpack: Amazon

Black conduit piping: donated

Copper piping and fixings: hardware store

Hot glue gun

So much duct tape in grey, black and orange!

Step 2: Trial and Error.

I changed a lot of things early on with the pack and adapted what wasn't working.

I had a smaller tool box initially in a different shape and after trying to do a cardboard front I changed it to a better tool box. I put screws in it for the rivets, cut out side panels for the retractable guns, covered the sides in cut up coke cans then spray painted it black and used silver paint to distress it. I also made the safety bar from a mop pole cut to size, painted blck and the safety stripes stuck on with tape. I did the same with the radioactive heart on one of the boxes. You can see both on the finished pics.

They boxes I covered in duct tape then spray painted black for a base. The ones which were metal I covered in inside out coke cans as the metal was so thin it was easy to work with but be very careful! as it's sharp. I covered all my edges with tape. I either glued or stuck them down with black tape before distressing with black paint.The voltmeters I put in the boxes after cutting holes for them.

I don't have many pictures of the finished gun on it's own alas but I first tried it in cardboard and paper mache as you can see in the photo but I wasn't happy with it so I used a spray can (Hairspray!), carboard for the middle then the vaccuum pipe for the end. The cables from my old computer I used with the shower cable for the gun attatchment which I distressed with black paint. I used black tape for the hand grips.

Step 3: Try and Try Again!

The faraday cage was difficult as I didn't have the materials to make it from scratch. I first used the oven mesh cut and made in to a dome but my first 2 attempts were too small. It worked out OK as I used them to contain the lights and ribbon cable under the colandar which was just big enough. I used an old cd holder for the middle panel initially but it ended up being too big so I made it out of cardboard and wooden coffee stirrers in the end. This is one part I think I'd get 3D printed. I also changed the lights up a bit for the finished product.

The other pictures are to check the scale and see the finished boxes.

Step 4: Some Assembly Required.

I used an old photo frame back board for the back panel as it was so light. I glued it to the bottom piece with wood glue and tape to support then put a few nails in too. The bottom piece wasn't load bearing but just incase! A lot of people have used metal sheeting for the back piece which will work better for attaching things too.

I used the blackpiping to make a frame which was given to me. Others have used an alice frame which would be good for comfort but again, I used what I had! I cut them to the side of the board then glued them which didn't really work before duct taping them. It held well for last minute making but I'll probably get some pipe fixings to neaten it up next.

My dad helped (OK he did all of it, shout out to my daddio!) with the copper pipping as he had a blow lamp and a pipe cutter and the knowledge skills. He cut the pipe to size and use pre soldered fixings for them then you only need to heat them with the blow lamp. We attatched it to the back board with some fittings he had spare.

These pics also show the colander I used and the middle piece I made from cardboard and coffee stirrers! It was painted then glued on. Also please excuse my gun show but I was happy it was all held together and not falling apart!

I cut the straps from the back pack and stitched then to the pipe frame then attatched that to the back board by drilling holes and zip tying them both together.

Step 5: Almost There! the Night Before the Con, Furiously Gluing and Sticking!

Once I had the frame done and attatched to the back board and the pipping on I glued all the boxes and cables on with hot glue, double sided tape and duct tape. It wasn't perfect, the boxes on the left need to be moved higher and I could do with something at the top as it looks a little bare and the dimensions were out a bit but I made it and it looked like it fitted the part at least so I was happy!

The boiler suit was a major hassle as most places now have stopped doing Khaki suits or have sold out. I got this one from amazon from 'the cosplay company' It was a bit more than I wanted to pay but it was great in the end as the striped were already on it. But they are much smaller than advertised! I got a large (I'm a size 12) and it only just fitted so bare in mind! I got the patch from amazon and made the holtzmann patch from vinyl and heat pressed on.

For the gun I finished the box section with little switches and buttons I could find, some carabinas cut in half and some black sticky dots for the end of the gun which you can see in the finished pics.

Step 6: And We're Done! for Now....

So here's the finished look!

I got the black wellies from amazon as I couldn't find the right leg covers and just used orange and reflective tape on them. Hairsprayed the crap out of my hair for the volume and the yellow glasses were from amazon.

To say it was meant to be a cheap build I ended up spending about £80-£100 on it, and will spend more..... but I'm so happy with it.

Oh I also made the screw you necklace with a keyring hoop, screw and 2 u's from coke cans glued together around the screw.

The pack wasn't too heavy but the top pipe bar did rest on my shoulder blades which made my back ache a little. Nothing taking it off and stretching for 5 mins didn't sort!

I got some amazing feedback from people at my local con and got my picture done at Doctor Bells Photo booth.

If you have any questions please get in touch!

I know it's not screen accurate but I made it all from parts I could find or get on the cheap and will add to it and improve it when I can.

Thanks for reading!

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