Jazz Up Your Cables (and More) With Rainbow Loom Bands

Introduction: Jazz Up Your Cables (and More) With Rainbow Loom Bands

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In this instructable we'll decorate cables and other things, creating a standard 'fishtail' loom band around them.

On a rainy caravan holiday last week my seven year old daughter showed me how to make loom bracelets, and I was impressed, making a mental note to use the technique in my projects.

I loved the simplicity of the fishtail design, and its box-like structure made me wonder if it could be created over a cable or cord - turns out it's really easy and effective!

Step 1: Looming Larger

You'll need a cable, some loom bands and a hook (I'm told the technical name is "hooky-hooky thing").

I just used my fingers here but you could use a loom just as easily. To begin loop a band over your finger. Give it a twist then insert the cable, then a second twist, finally looping over the other finger. You should end up with a band stretched between your fingers, with the cable suspended in between, held in place by the twisted band.

The creation will grow away from your hand, so start at the 'far' end of the cable you want to cover.

With the first twisted band and cable in place add another two bands above the first one. these don't need to be twisted, just looped around your fingers and the cable.

Now take the hook and pull one side of the bottom band over the top of your finger and release it (see picture), repeat this on the opposite side.

Now add a new band above the two that are left, then hook the bottom band over exactly as before, repeat adding and hooking until it's long enough.

To finish off keep hooking until only one band is left. One side at a time pull the band out, give it a twist and hook it over the cable to lock off the end. Done!

Step 2: Other Things

That's the basic idea, find something and loom it up! The great thing about this craze is the materials are cheap and available in loads of colours to match your imagination.

In the other pics I've covered some EL wire, which looks really effective, and the strap from a fitness tracker. There are endless possibilities here, some other ideas are:

- Cover the cord of a bedside light pullcord with glow-in-the-dark bands

- Cover some of those light stick glowing bracelets as kids' party favours

- Loom up your car's aerial to match the bodywork!

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2 years ago on Introduction

I have been just looping around frayed cords and cables the unused elastic bands my teenagers have left behind post orthodontics treatments. Adding the “hooky hooky thing” into my designs of colored loops looks like the perfect twist to add a little flare! Glad I saw this!

Now, if I could only find a 1984 Hitachi SP-1 Personal Stereo & Headphones set! So, cool!


Reply 2 years ago

Thanks! Wow loom bands that brings back memories!


6 years ago

This is so cool!


Reply 7 years ago

Looks excellent, not sure I'd have the patience to do one that long!

This looks wonderful, and I would think it would help with the integrity of the cables. Thanks for sharing!


8 years ago

this is a great idea! I've always used more complex patterns to surround things (like the hexafish, and trifish), not realising how well this would work!