Introduction: Jean Bracelet

In my jewelry making endeavor I found a great new and simple bracelet design!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I needed to used to make my jean bracelet

Old Jeans

Metal Wire


Step 2: Cut Out Jean

I started by cutting out the seam of one of the jean legs. This will make up the body of the bracelet.

I cut out the seam all the way up to the knee, about 20" long.

Step 3: Thread in Wire

The next step is to threat the wire into the loop of the seam. The stitching of the seam has a double stitching which gives the perfect loop to threat the wire into without having to conduct any extra sewing.

Step 4: Bend Into Bracelet Form

With the wire in I then bent the wire to fit around my wrist . The key is to make it big enough so you can just slip it on but small enough so it doesn't easily fall off when you wear them.

Step 5: Wear

And with that my super awesome and super simple bracelet was complete!