Introduction: Jeweled Yogurt Jar!

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So this is my 1st time blinging anything! I love it and can not wait to do more. I used a yogurt jar but any glass jar will do. Pick a color for your jewels and then choose a paint to match it so the color will fill in the gaps between the jewels. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated space. I did it in the garage with my music on to make it even better.


  • paint brush
  • paint of your choice acrylic
  • matching jewels
  • goo be gone ( to get the sticky stuff of the glass label)
  • sandpaper
  • e6000 glue of any jewel glue
  • alcohol
  • paper towels or a cotton shirt
  • q tips or tooth pick (for cleaning up glue)

Step 1: Clean the Glass With Some Goo Be Gone

So this step you want to clean your glass if it has any sticker residue. Wash your jar and clean with alcohol to remove oils and lint.

Step 2: Paint Your Little Glass Thingy Lol

So after it is cleaned you want to sand it down with a lit grit number so the paint sticks to the glass better. Clean off with alcohol then paint the glass and let it dry between coats at least an hour. I did at least 2 coats. Do your discretion.

So after it has been painted and dried you want to seal in your paint. You can use a spray sealer if you want. I used mode podge. I did 2 layers and you want to make sure to let it dry and 1 hour in between coats. This is the step right before you blinge. I can not fix the step order sorry.

Step 3: Get to Blinging the Gems

So after all the coats have dried wipe off the glass with a cotton towel or paper. You will gather your glue, gems, and your glass item to bling. Remember to read the glue precautions and use in a ventilated place. Find a glue that works for you. Using precision glue tips will help the glue come out more controlled. I recommend to practice blinging on something else to get the feel of the glue. A little goes a long way. Use the wax end of your gem pick up to place the gems then slightly twist for release. I started at the top and worked my way to the bottom. You can do a dot for each gem or a thin line and bling 4 at a time.

Step 4: You're Done!

So after you are done you will have a lovely blinged item! Let it set so the glue does its thang and seals the gems to the glass. Afterwards I take a tooth pick and q tip and clean up any glue or what not. I will dip the q tip in some alcohol or goo be gone. Enjoy your creation!

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