Introduction: Jewellery Organiser

This simple instructable will sort all your accessory difficulties. In this using only some thread and rubber bands I will show you how to access all your jewellery easily. In this hanger it is not mandatory to only hang ear rings, you can also hang other or clip other things.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Here is the list of things you will need:

  • A thread (with a wide diameter, preferably otherwise a normal but strong one will do )
  • Tape (preferably transparent or magic tape)
  • Scissors
  • Spare rubber bands (the ones that you mostly wear on your hair)
  • Ear rings or jewellery you will be hanging

Step 2: Getting Your Thread Ready

Cut your thread to a length you want. You are going to hang it in your cupboard so cut wisely. Make sure your thread is strong or else your hanger will fall due to the weight of the ear rings.

Step 3: Fixing the Thread to Your Cupboard:

Now take the thread and stick it to the location where you want. In my case I have stuck it to my cupboard.

Take pieces of tape, magic tape or normal transparent tape is preferred as you don't want the tape to be seen on your cupboard. Using the tape stick the thread on your location, on both the sides firmly. Your "framework" is now done.

Step 4: Getting Your Hangers Ready:

Now here instead of plastic hangers, we are going to become eco friendly contributors by reusing rubber bands that you don't use. Instead of throwing them, they will be used in a good manner. Now our rubber bands will come into use. Using these hair rubber bands will make our hanger colourful, if you don't have these rubber bands normal can also be used . Take your rubber band and cut of the metal part (if it has any), or just cut through it so that is becomes a long piece of rubber and not a rubber band. These as I have pointed out before, will become our hangers. Now tie these rubber "strings", around the thread, as shown in the pictures.

Step 5: The Last Bit

After tying the rubber strings your hanger is ready. Now just place your jewellery in them! How? The knot made after tying the rubber strings, will hold the ear rings. Other things, such as keys, keychains, clips, reminders etc. can also be hung or clipped on.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and also hope it would be useful to you. :)