Introduction: Jewelry Making: Paper Quilled Heart Earrings

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Paper quilling is an ancient art form which involves rolling, curling, and shaping strips of paper to create exquisite jewelry pieces and intricate works of art.

Quilling is not a particularly well known craft in most parts of the world. However, I've made it a joy in my life to bring quilling to others. Last year I taught several quilling classes including one where I taught a group of young girls how to make these very earrings for Mother's Day. I will never forget the smiles on their faces when they completed the class, having created something beautiful to share with their families.

I am a self taught quiller and have made quilling part of my every day life. You can visit me at to see more of my paper quilled creations.

Step 1: Materials

Printable list of materials is attached.

Quilling paper* - Quilled Creations, red, pink, and crimson recommended

Slotted quilling tool* - Can use a toothpick but that will be more difficult

Circle sizer ruler* - Any circle template board is fine

Craft glue - PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive) or precision tip glue pen recommended, Elmer’s is fine

Small paint brush

Jump rings (4mm and 5mm recommended)

Ear wires

Jewelry pliers


Precision tip glue bottle (optional)

*Included with quilling kit sold at Sweethearts and Crafts. To view or purchase click here!

Step 2: Making a Heart, Prepare Your Paper

You will need three (3) strips of 1/8" paper in different colors. I chose pink, red, and crimson.

First we will make one heart. Begin by dividing a strip of paper into four equal pieces (≈ 4.25").

Step 3: Making a Coil

Take one of the short strips of paper and insert it into the end of the slotted quilling tool.

Roll the paper into a coil by turning the tool towards you with one hand, holding the paper gently with the other hand.

Remove the coil from the tool and place it into the circle sizer ruler #6 (smallest hole). Allow the coil to unravel inside the hole to fill the space fully.

Carefully pick up the coil, being sure not to let it unravel.

Lift up the end and add a small dab of glue. Smooth down the end.

Repeat with a second strip of paper.

Please see the attached video for more specific, visual instructions on how to roll a coil.

Step 4: Shaping Teardrops

Take a coil and pinch one end to create a teardrop shape. Do not pinch on both ends. Do not pinch in the middle.

Repeat on the other coil to make a second teardrop shape.

Step 5: Completing a Heart

Add a thin line of glue down the side edge of one teardrop.

Stick both teardrops together to form a heart shape.

Step 6: Repeat X5

Using the other strips of quilling paper, repeat steps 2-5 until you have 6 hearts total.

Step 7: Connecting Hearts

Squeeze a dab of glue onto the center crease of the top of the red heart (or whichever color you want for the middle hearts).

Place the bottom point of the pink heart (whichever color you want for the top heart) into the center crease of the red heart. Try to line up the hearts nicely.

Let dry.

Step 8: Connecting Final Heart

Squeeze a dab of glue onto the center crease of the remaining heart and place the bottom point of the other hearts into the crease.

Repeat with the other three hearts to create the second earring.

Step 9: Adding Sealant

Use a small paintbrush to gently dab glue onto the hearts.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for the first coat that you BE SPARING!

Less is more. You don't want to add too much glue or the coils will be ruined.

Dab glue on the first side of each earring. Let dry.

Dab glue on the other side. Let dry.

Get the sides.

Step 10: Creating the Connector Loop

You will need to create a small connector loop which will allow you to connect the hardware to the earring.

Tear off two strips of paper approximately 2 inches long to create the top connector loop. This can be any color paper. I used the same color as the top heart.

Roll the strips into two tight coils. Make sure the holes are big enough to feed a jump ring through them. Glue the ends down.

Step 11: Attach the Connector Loop

Squeeze a dab of glue into the top crease of the top heart and place the small coil into the crease.

Repeat for second earring.

Step 12: Adding More Sealant

Do a second coat of glue.

You can use a little more this coat since your coils should already have one coat of glue to help them keep their shape.

Make sure you also get the top connector loop, including the inside of the loop.

Let dry fully.

Step 13: Attach Your Hardware

Add your hardware with jewelry pliers.

I like to add two jump rings (4mm and 5mm) on each earring to help them "dangle" better, and one french ear wire.

I chose silver plated hypoallergenic ear wires.

Open a 5mm jump ring and hook it through the connector loop. Close the jump ring.

Open a 4mm jump ring and hook it through the 5mm jump ring. Add the ear wire and close the jump ring.

Repeat on the other earring.

And have completed your paper quilled earrings!

Thanks for trying out this great craft. Happy quilling!

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