Introduction: Jewelry Tree

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Sorry that I couldn't post the process of doing this; I was just doing random things today and just figure I'd make something for my sister to hang all of her jewelry on. So I made this instructable with only the finalized photos. I hope the instructions below help you in creating one of your own & that you enjoy your new stylish jewelry tree.

Remember this is a good gift for friends that have way to much jewelry & your family members as well.
Anything that's handmade is always meant to last us our life; I hope this lasts you & you're children a lifetime!

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I would love to get the Apple iPad Mini along with many others; but I'm fine with a t-shirt as well.

Step 1: Jewelry Tree in Action!

This jewelry tree is handmade using old metal hangers; and painted paddle wire.

The concept of making this is fairly simple;


Be sure to wear gloves while attempting this for if you don't you will get blisters and/or cuts!

(I learned this the hard way.)

So be careful!

Wrap the base of two hanger wires together and feed it up to your desired height.

Constantly feed a new strand into it; wrapping them around as well.

For the limbs simply position them and fold them over and crimp them together to form a little loop.

Wrap the paddle wire around the entire thing (Except for the rooted base.).


Grab a scrap piece of a 1 x 4 & your jig saw and cut a pattern into the wood; I smoothed mine out with a wire brush and got some old wood stain and rubbed on the sides and top.


I got some wood staples and hammered them over each of the wire roots; I then reapplied the wood stain to give it a better look.

Let it set for an hour or two before setting it on any other surface!

Now you have yourself a handmade jewelry tree that'll last a lifetime!


You just saved yourself and your family about $15+ in cash.

Hope you enjoyed making your very own!

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