Introduction: JumBOW Necktie

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This is a stylish Jumbo BOW for the neck. Look at the tiny neck Bow beside. Simple, easy and almost 0-budget project.


1. Scarf (1 or 2)

Step 1: Scarf

1. Take any scarf 2 meters in length or whatever length long scarf you have at home

2. You could choose 1 or 2 scarves (per your choice)

3. I have chosen Red and Golden scarves - 2 meters in length each

Step 2: Fold the Scarf

1. Fold the scarf by creating two loops as shown in the figure. This is very simple and no special technique is needed.

Step 3: Scarf to Form Loops and a Knot

1. Fold the scarf to form 2 loops

2. Then place these loops over each other as shown

3. There should be a total of 3 loops

4. Put one loop inside the other loop and pull

5. A simple knot is formed as shown

6. Adjust the length of the loops and the hanging scarf ends

7. Bow is ready

Step 4: Jumbo BOW Is Ready

1. Jumbo BOW is ready and is shown beside the actual neck bow

2. Repeat the know with other scarves as well

3. Hang it on the wall or keep it where you feel it good

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