Introduction: Junk CDs to Geometric Wolf D.I.Y

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This idea of making a geometric wolf from junk Compact Disks (CDs) came to me when I was searching through the web for different innovative designs. Then I saw this geometric wolf which struck my mind to make it from CDs.

So, today let's learn how to make this beautiful geometric wolf from junk CDs.


The supplies you need to make this decorative piece are listed as follows:

1. Few CDs ( Compact Disks )

2. A paper cutter

3. Super glue (regardless of brand)

4. A black marker

5. A pair of scissors

6. A printout( of the design) for the cutout ( in the top third image )

7. A cutting mat

Step 1: Preparing the CDs

In this step, we need to use a pair of scissors and cut the CDs into two almost equal halves. This will provide us the space required to make the cutouts for the patterns.

CAUTION: Cut the CDs carefully because they may shatter while cutting. I almost cut my finger.

You can cut all the CDs if you want to.

Step 2: Preparing the Cut-Outs

In this step, grab the paper cutter and cut out a desired portion of the design as you can see in the first image. Then, place it on a half of the CD prepared earlier. Holding the cutout firmly with your fingers, take the paper cutter and trace the cutout onto the CD half ( as shown in the third image).

Then cut the CD along the traced portion. As you can see in the fourth image, keep the cut part of the CD in its respective cutout's position.

Repeat this step till you get all the pieces of the design.

Step 3: Putting It Together With Super Glue

After you have obtained all the individual pieces of the design, place them on their respective position and glue them on the printout itself with super glue.

Then take the black marker and make the eyes, nose and the mouth of the wolf in accordance with the design. Then, using the black marker, mark the boundaries of each individual piece of CD to make the wolf more appealing.

And after finishing it, you are left with this amazing animal in a very innovative and reflective design to hand on your wall.

Hope you like this instructable. Thank you.

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