Introduction: KIC3 Entry: FKG (Foldable Knex Gun) by Sharir1701

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Hey guys !
so this is my entry for TD's third innovator's challenge. as requested, it is a foldable repeater. the stock is the only part that folds, but it covers the handle and trigger and gets right up to the magazine, making it look like a rectangle, or a briefcase. it has a very comfortable carrying handle that is also a very comfortable, perfectly placed cheek rest for when the gun isn't folded. sadly, there is no lock for the stock on the unfolded gun, so it can wobble a bit, but not when your shoulder is on it. also, when you fold the stock, there isn't an automatic lock for it, so you have to take a blue rod and stick it through something to lock, but then it holds extremely well. now for the shooting... it has an internal pin, meaning nothing is sticking out of the back and there is a top charging handle. the pin is very good. the trigger is a simple y-con pulling green rod trigger, if you know what i mean, and it is very powerful, and can hold as much pressure as you need it to. it's also the smallest type of (true) trigger i know. it has an oodammo mag, though i customized mine, and it doesn't shoot the actual oodammo, but rather a white rod with a 1-slot connector, but the mag is much much better. the pusher stops right before the pin, so it never breaks or leaves the mag, it is closed on the front with a wall that makes it much stronger and stabler, it is attached to the top of the gun, and the rod of the mag reaches up to the perfect point. because of all of these, the mag never blows up, breaks or shoots two bullets. the handle is the same as my S2, but without the trigger guard.

EDIT: finally, pics are up.

EDIT: i added some internal pics i took while taking it apart, so that you guys could build it as well if you want.

i hope i get a good rating for this on the challenge, and hope you guys like it. also, don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe !!! for more awesomeness.