Introduction: K'NEX CZ 75

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Accurate, reliable, dependable. That's the CZ 75. An advanced handgun from 1975 that was way ahead of its time, featuring a standard 12 rd. magazine with varrients that have full auto capabilities as well as 26 rd. magazines.

Featuring a similar body to both my FN Five-SeveN and my Walther P99, this CZ 75 replica is a good alternative to most pistol grip magazine guns Instructables has to offer, namely because of its extra-cap magazine. While the grip is not as comfortable as my Five-SeveN or my P99, it provides the the extra length needed for that larger magazine.


  • Good range: 40 ft. +
  • Nice sights
  • Great trigger guard
  • Higher capacity magazine: 13+
  • Good sturdy internals
  • True trigger setup
  • Sturdy grip
  • Sturdy magazine
  • Nice beaver tail

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