K'NEX Shoe Rack/holder

Introduction: K'NEX Shoe Rack/holder

it can hold 2 boots and 16 shoes

Step 1:

make only one not 2

Step 2:

make and connect and the purple is flexi ron its optional

Step 3:

6 red rods and connect to each connectors

Step 4:

make one of these only one not 2 and its blue+grey/purple connectors

Step 5:

connect like so

Step 6:

purple flexi rods+ orange connector+ white make 2 and add 6 red rods

Step 7:

make and connect

Step 8:

make 2 handles and get 6 red rods

Step 9:

add on

Step 10:

make and connect sorry im using a tablet camera

Step 11:

make and connect dont mine the stuff in the backround those are for upcoming giveaways

Step 12:

make one and connect like so

Step 13: Finished

yellow flexi rods with blue rod in middle and theyre optinal and the roof is grey rods but im using flexi rods same size and then connect like so, and done

Step 14:

remove the two purple+orange+white if your adding boots one boot per slot

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! this is my second instructable.My first one is a k'nex r/c helicopter helipad that can hold 60 lbs and i'm not lying i've sat and stand'ed up on it.