Introduction: Kap Karbine

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"Hey guys, what's up, CorgiCritter here, I have a new gun to show you. I'll do a quick pan-over view and then I'll show you it firing."

Well that's how this would be if it was one of BM's videos. But this isn't one of his videos, as I am not him, nor can I edit a video to save my life, nor can I build a replica. So I'll just show you another dull as dirt firing pin gun that doesn't do anything new!

I must say, I am not too much of a fan of this gun. I spent so long working on it, I decided to show it off. It has a removable 5.56 mag and looks weird. The firing pin is nice in that it allows you to hold the rifle with one hand and pull the pin back in a sweeping motion with your left hand. The rifle never needs to leave your shoulder, and so the gun has a good rate of fire. The stock is also really comfy. I called it the Kap Karbine since, without the magazine, it kinda looks like a Kap 40 with stock.


Shoots grey connector green rod ammo.

Comfy stock and handle.

Looks... ok?

Open sights.

Good rate of fire.

40+ foot range angled with one #177 band.

OK accuracy.

There are no instructions, but most K'nexers can build from the pictures. The mech is very simple.

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