Introduction: Kawaii Felt Donut Plushies

Step 1: Getting the Things You Need

Things you will need:
-brown and pink felt
-donut pattern/guide (which you can draw your own like me
-matching threads

Step 2: Cutting Things Out

You need to cut two brown body pieces and one pink icing piece.

Step 3: Cute Face

Sew a cute face on the icing, I did a winking face.

Step 4: Start Sewing!!

Sew the two body pieces and the icing piece together in the center

Step 5: Sew and Stuff

Sew around the outside with ladder stitch and leave a hole for stuffing. Stuff the donut with cotten stuffing and ladder stitch it closed.

Step 6: Pin and Sew

Stretch the icing around the body and pin down firmly. Then with felt stitch, sew the icing with pink thread to the body/donut batter cake.

Step 7: Finishing!

Cut all the loose threads off,