Introduction: Kawaii Happy Meal + Free Printable

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I love crafting, in this instructable I'll show you a project involving my two specialties: polymer clay and printables.

We'll be making a detailed miniature that will be the perfect addition for your dollhouse, lps, or even for your sons' superheroes (I bet after all the hard work of saving the world from the villains they'll love this meal).

And this craft is so simple that even kids can make it. Making a toy is perfect for kids, they'll have fun and learn while making it, and then they'll be so proud with their creation that it'll be their favourite toy. I've found that the most popular toys at my house are the ones my daughter helped making. Not to mention that are way cheaper than what you can find at the store.

*adult supervision with this craft is required, as we need special caution with air dry clay or polymer clay. So please make sure they wash their hands after working with clay.

So, lets get started!

Step 1: ​Gather Your Materials

The printable I made. Click here. For better results print it in cardstock.

Glue stick

A cylinder (it can even be a glass, we'll use it as a rolling pin)

A Knife (this plastic one is perfect for kids)


Clay. Air dry or polymer clay. I like Premo sculpey, there are some school grade air dry clays but those tend to be brittle and won't allow detail.

Step 2: Make the Burger

With beige clay make a 1.5 cm ball

Squeeze it a little bit to form the bun.

Cut it through the middle

Form a smaller ball with brown clay and roll it out.

With the knife make a rough texture in the border.

Roll a green ball of clay. This one should be very thin. Pinch the edges to make the lettuce.

Stack the ingredients inside of the bun and add a small piece of red as a tomato.

Squish it slightly so that they glue together, be careful not to apply a lot of pressure or it will lose details.

Step 3: Make the French Fries

Make a cylinder of pale yellow clay, cut one side with the scissors. As shown in the picture.

Step 4: ​For the Paper Cup

Make a small ball of white clay and place it inside the cup. With scissors or a pencil push the ball so it fills the bottom.

If you are using polymer clay you can bake the clay with the cup.

Step 5: ​Final Details

Cut, fold and glue the boxes and glue the hardened french fries to the little box.


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